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After testing nearly every model of carbon fork on the market and finding each lacking in some way, we designed our own. We call it Falz.

Falz starts with a steel-inspired traditional arc across the blades and continues with an updated flat-crown design. It utilises a monocoque construction, made of a single piece that does away with the need to glue the sleeve to the dropouts, which helps the fork to deliver unmatched lateral stiffness and compliance. The name Falz comes from the dialect for “scythe”, as the side profile closely resembles that of this ancient tool.

Falz accepts tyres up to 28mm in width and comes in two versions – 45 mm and 50 mm rake – both of which utilise a standard 1-1/8″ steerer tube.

Non-Pegoretti riders seeking a significant performance improvement over their stock fork can shop Falz with the link below.

Shop the Falz Fork – Rim →

Shop the Falz Fork – Disc →


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