Dive into the details of size, specs and product care, along with information on what comes with every Pegoretti.

We ream the seat tube to the correct size before painting. Since seatposts have different tolerances (especially for carbon post) in respect to the nominal diameter, if you experience a problem inserting the post please check the diameter of the post with a digital caliper.

For carbon posts, we strongly recommend using carbon paste to prevent slipping. Each frame is checked with a carbon Fizik Cyrano post. We also ream and face the head tube before painting. Please put some grease inside the head tube before pressing in the headset cups.

We retap and face the BB shell after welding and before painting – it is not necessary to reface. If you decide to do it, please don’t reface the shell to the bare metal, leave the primer to protect the surface.

The shell is at the correct tolerance width specs, 70mm +-0.5 for Shimano and 69.2 – 70.8mm for Campagnolo.

Facing and reaming are all performed by hand with Campagnolo tools.

Luigino, Day Is Done

BB Cable Guide
Braze-on Front Derailleur Clamp Adaptors

Round, Responsorium, Mxxxxxo, Duende and Ble

Falz Fork
Chris King D11 Headset
Seat Collar
BB Cable Guide
Front Derailleur Clamp

New Love #3

Falz Fork
Chris King D19 Headset
Seat Collar
BB Cable Guide
Front Derailleur Clamp


Luigino: 27.2
Day is Done: 30.6
Round, Responsorium, Duende, Mxxxxxxo, Ble, Love #3: 31.6


1″ Threaded/Threadless
Day Is Done

D11 Chris King
Big leg Emma

D19 Chris King
New Love #3


On request, we can build frames with the rear hubs of the past for the Luigino model. Track frames use a standard 120 mm rear spacing. Fixie or single speed are built with 120mm rear spacing, and 130mm on request.


The Luigino frame uses 28.6mm seat tube – you may use a clamp on FD if it is available for your gruppo or a 28.6 braze on FD adaptor. All the other frames, with the exception of the Day is Done, use a proprietary size seat tube (33.2). The Luigino and Day is Done frames come with adaptors for braze on FD.


Our rim brake frames use a standard 70mm 36×24 TPI Italian bottom bracket shell. However, on request, we can build any rim brake frame with an English 68mm 1.370″x24 TPI bottom bracket shell. In contrast, the disc options of our frames, which currently include our Round and Responsorium models, come with the English bottom bracket shell only.


If you intend to mount an electronic groupset, please provide details about your chosen system before ordering your frame, and we can adapt the build accordingly.


We recommend the use of either JP Weigle Frame Saver, CRC Protettivo per Nautica or a similar product with any steel frame. Frame Saver is a proven rust preventative that is applied to the inside of the tubes and eliminates the possibility of the frame rusting from the inside out. It is essential in areas with high humidity and/or a corrosive environment and highly recommended anywhere. Frame Saver is available at better bike shops everywhere.

It’s always a good idea to periodically inspect your frame inside and out for any damage or corrosion. Keeping your frame clean, especially around the cable stops and bottom bracket cable guide, will ensure that you spot any problem before it becomes serious. These areas can collect moisture and corrosives such as perspiration and sports drinks which can damage paint and if not corrected, eat into the metal.

In addition to keeping your frame clean, a coat of automotive wax applied regularly will reduce the possibility of damage from corrosion and ensure a long life for your frame. You should also periodically remove the seatpost from the frame and examine the inside of the seat tube for rust as well as lubricating the post with either a carbon paste (for carbon seatposts) or grease or oil for aluminum or steel seatposts. Lubricating the seatpost will ensure that it doesn’t gall with the seat tube becoming difficult if not impossible to remove safely. Periodic routine maintenance and inspection by an authorized Pegoretti dealer is advisable, especially if the frame has been involved in a crash or experienced potential damage.


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